EdimCoder was originally an experiment to learn how to create a simple text editor in C without using any libraries (including readline). With a line editor, I could start simple and only work with the terminal. Then I had read online about how some people still use Ed as their preferred text editor (I currently know someone who also has this preference). EdimCoder then became an experiment to see how I could make a line editor that was almost as efficient as editing with a screen-oriented text editor.

Eventually, I joined Circumlunar Space's Zaibatsu[1] pubnix with (intentionally) low memory and resources. Text editors needed to be very lightweight. I ended up having a legitimate use for EdimCoder. I actively use EdimCoder for it's development and for writing.


Ed is the "standard" text editor for Unix Systems and many text editors stem from it, so I took a lot of inspiration from it. One of the main goals is to make an alternative to Ed that is more user-friendly.

Taking inspiration from 4Coder[2], I wanted EdimCoder to have functions geared towards code editing including being language-aware.

EdimCoder is a low-memory low-resource line editor geared towards editing code by providing language-aware features that try to increase the efficiency of editing code with a line editor in a way that's more user friendly and utilizes some of the advancements of the speed of the cli. EdimCoder should also be as portable and customizable as possible.

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