There have been many shells on Linux: Thompson, Mashey, Bourne, C, Korn, Bash, Zsh, Fish, and more. However, they are all mostly the same, Csh and Fish having the most different shell syntax. Paled is yet another shell, but with different goals...

I got the main idea for this project while reading a book by [BLANK] called The UNIX-Haters Handbook. This book provided valuable opinions on the problems the majority of Linux shells have still to this day. With Paled, I set out to fix some of these problems.

The Problems

How They'll Be Fixed

Syntax and Scripting Choices

The Tools

With Paled, I not only wanted to fix the shell-specific problems, but the problems with the GNU Utils as well. Therefore, Paled comes with a set of tools that are intended to replace GNU Coreutils, Diffutils, and Findutils. The idea is to make them more consistent and simpler. Do note that this means they will not be backwards compatible with GNU's Utils.

Writing Tools that Support Paled